Horse Incident Form

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  • All reportable incidents must be reported.
  • All reported incidents are:
    • used for trend analysis, future planning and reporting to the appropriate authorities as required.
    • kept on file in the CYC Waihola office.
  • It is preferable that this form is completed within 24 hours of the incident occurring where possible.
  • All incidents on the Incident Severity Table that are level 3 and above will be reported on the National Incident Database (NID) and incidents level 6 and above are reported to Worksafe as well
  • The contents of form will be kept confidential to CYC Waihola management
    • Only summarised details will be given discerningly by the Operations Manager to caregivers and outside agencies if requested
  • Please make a comment on any falls or incidents that were caused by anything that could have been prevented or caused by another horse/rider.